Sales Representative Positions

Is a career in insurance sales for you?

We believe it takes a special individual to build a successful career in the insurance industry. To help you make a personal decision regarding whether you may be suited, please review the statements below and ask yourself if they describe your personality, work ethic and goals:

  • I find personal satisfaction in helping people
  • I am looking for the opportunity to build a business with unlimited potential, not just a job and a limited salary range
  • I am self-motivated and goal-oriented
  • I am sociable, a good communicator, and enjoy conversing with people
  • I am flexible, adaptable, trainable and ethical
  • I am able and willing to follow a tried-and-proven sales development program
If all of the above statements describe you, then you may qualify to become a career sales representative.

We accept applications from individuals 21 years or older, with good communication skills - both written and verbal. YOU MUST OWN A VEHICLE

Please complete our application and also review documents required to process your application.

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