The Operations Department includes the following units.


The claims unit helps policyholders resolve loss issues in a timely manner and in accordance with terms set out in policy contracts. Claims personnel have significant contact with clients and are vital to the company's commitment to excellent customer service.

The department provides opportunities for candidates with strong customer service and analytical skills. Positions span entry-level clerical roles to complex claims and adjudication responsibilities where specific qualifications in medical coding and claims management are required.

Client Services

The company's reputation and success depend on the level of service provided to its external and internal customers.

Positions in the client services unit call for candidates who have excellent customer service skills and the ability to correctly refer or resolve policyholders' and agents' concerns. Client services staff are required to have a strong knowledge of the company's products, policies and procedures in order to respond promptly and professionally to queries. Opportunities span entry-level support functions to leadership roles.

Payments Processing

The payment processing unit is responsible for handling all payments made to the company. A strong attention to detail, strong numeric skills and outstanding customer service skills are key for roles in this unit. Previous experience in dealing with basic accounting, data entry and reconciliation is a plus. Entry-level positions require a minimum of an Associate's Disagree.


The underwriting unit has responsibility for identifying and calculating risk and determining the correct premium rates for insurance applicants. Positions in the department span entry-level administrative functions to complex underwriting and management responsibilities.

Underwriting positions require strong analytical skills, product knowledge and underwriting certifications. In addition, underwriters must be skilled in communications and customer service as they are a vital link between agents and the company.